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Bertram Bear and the Rivals

New neighbours come to live in Coombes Corner with cats that have very bad attitudes namely, Pinch and Punch. Those are the rivals as far as the animals are concerned....


The Sussex Newspaper’s Book Of The Year 2019 has been awarded to Gregory's first book aimed at children - The Adventures of Bertram Bear

Gregory writes: "I was completely overwhelmed that I had won an accolade..."

Gregory Gower

Gregory Gower was born in 1935 so growing up and schooling were mixed with a world in turmoil. Most persons have the luxury of not experiencing bombs being dropped on them.......

The Adventures of Bertram Bear

What was so special about Bertram Bear?

When Brian goes to sleep, Bertram and his friends come to life and their adventures begin!

With the help of his animal friends, Bertram must save the day without being seen by Brian and his family......

A Joyride to Murder & The Steal plus 12 Short Stories

Detective Inspector Wragg of New Scotland Yard – just transferred up from the county of Kent had been thrown into the thick of things that seemed to be happening in London. His po-face and wry sense of humour were his greatest assets.....

Mistaken Identity and Short Stories

Roland James, our hero, recently bereaved who dominates the first part of the story and is mistaken for someone else, but soon becomes a target for another reason.........

(Click "Read More" for a complete short story from the book: The Computer)

I Remember it Well.... and other short stories

A selection of stories of murder, mystery, adventure, fantasy, drama and farce...

A Touch of Heaven.... and other short stories

Short stories from the master story teller Gregory Gower's. From "A Touch of Heaven" to the wonderfully sublime "Me and My Shadow", these stories of the magical wonders of life will leave you spellbound....

Christmas is Coming.... stories and sketches

Festive tales of mystery, murder and suspense from the master story teller....

Coming Soon to a Page Near You

Hopefully more books will be published in the coming months...

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To those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Poppy Art Installation, Tower of London

Dear Mum

It was my first time in the trenches and when the whistle blew we went out into no man’s land and I crawled on my belly as a hail of bullets came over the top of me.

I felt a knot in my stomach as we came close to the enemy trenches.

I came across the sergeant who shouted a lot and told me I had no parents.

He won’t be shouting anymore, Mum. He has no legs, so he can’t even stand up.

I realised he saved my life today, Mum. All the things he taught me I have done and I’m still alive.

He told me, Mum I needed to look after my rifle, it was my best friend and when the time came I would know what to do.

I saw the ridge of the enemy trench and someone was looking over it and so Mum I pressed the trigger of my rifle and his face disappeared.

I should have felt elation.

But Mum I felt sick.

Others of our company got up and charged into the enemy trench. I felt as if someone had pinned me down and I couldn’t get up, I was like the sergeant Mum – my legs wouldn’t move.

Someone stood over me and said ‘Get up boy and follow me.’

Another Sergeant, Mum who told me I had no parents – he saved my life Mum.

Me and the Sergeant rushed an enemy machine gun nest and won the day.

We have taken over the enemy trench and have used the bodies of our enemies as sandbags – we have left their helmets on so their soldiers won’t fire on us.

I thought it was wrong Mum, they should be honoured as well.

We were shelled later on today and I’m not going anywhere – I’m wounded Mum and I can’t feel anything.

It was my birthday today. I turned 18 and should have known better. I won’t be seeing you again Mum.

Your loving son,


Poppy Art Installation, Tower of London
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